Kuhstall's chronicle

The Kuhstall - Bar was founded by the Leeb family in August 1958 as a cafe - dancing with Italian wicker furniture and a fountain. The great upheaval began in the early 1960s, and with it the success of the cowshed that lasted for decades. We were one of the first dance halls with an international flair and many regulars from Lower Austria and Vienna. In 1963 the Wurlitzer was scrapped and replaced by high-quality live music, which continues to entertain you today.

Quality thinking had become the top priority. The guests thanked us with stylish evening wear. The early 1970s were the first really successful years for our company. The work of the Leeb family, my grandparents, ended in the early 80s. In 1983 Ruth Fakler, my mother, took over the restaurant, converted it and ushered in another era of success.

Since 1958

A family business for three generations

A family business for three generations


Our Success

Quality at a reasonable price.

In January 1988 the Bar was taken over by Franz Fakler. Our last renovation took place in 1999, where we tried to take the bar and restaurant even more into account by adapting a part of our own restaurant and also enlarging the bar.

Our kitchen prepares modern, light dishes as well as hearty delicacies up to large gala menus. Our wine list tries to bring young, ambitious winemakers closer to our guests in a good price-performance ratio and to offer top wines from home and abroad at reasonable prices.

We are also happy to help you with the design of your company, birthday and Christmas party. To this day, the cowshed is still enjoying growing popularity.

If you are satisfied, please recommend us to others. If you didn't like something, we'd be happy to receive your criticism.